Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Drifting Thoughts

I been thinking about the A.T. lately. It's not triggered by anything in particular. It's just where my mind goes when I want to rest.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Grand Canyon 2008


We went to the Grand Canyon over the weekend, which was a first for me.


On Saturday, we hiked down the South Kaibab Trail to the bottom to the Colorado River, soaking in some amazing panoramas. I was blown away by how many banded layers of rock you pass, and how long they must have taken to accumulate.


At the bottom we took an hour break and ended up hanging out for lunch at Phantom Ranch.


In the afternoon we climbed up the Bright Angel Trail. I think the trip was about 5,000' elevation loss and gain over about 17 or 18 miles. It all took a little over 8 hours including breaks.

Great way to spend a 'work' day.

Monday, March 17, 2008

(Jott from Ben Thompson) Hi, today I am calling fr...

Well it's a free service afterall, but the signature line when posting to a blog is obscenely long...

Sent via Jott:

Hi, today I am calling from a new service that I found out about called, it's just a [the] kind of service I would have been looking for when I had(?) [hiked] the trial(?) [trail] last year, you can call and leave a 30 second voice mail which is transcribed and it can be e-mailed to you, or you can tell it to post to a blog such as Blogger like I have done here. I am just trying it out, but so far I am pretty impressed.

[revisions made by me online afterwards]

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