Sunday, April 1, 2007

Big Thanks

We are especially grateful and indebted to:

  • Bethany for volunteering to be our communication lifeline.
  • Pastor Ed for always being there as a mentor, business adviser, marriage counselor, travel agent, EMT, chauffeur, pastor, coach, referee...
  • Kevin and Annie for technical support and for opening your steamy attic to us, to store our furniture and boxes of chocolate.
  • Christine for opening up your apartment to us and adding us as tenants.

Huge Thanks to:

The Thompson and Carr families for introducing us to the outdoors and for supporting us as we explore and pursue our dreams, the great people at LADC, the crew at Vermont and Prospect, our family at Hope, our Israel Family, Ito & Mai and the fine folks at Au Lac.

Additional thanks from Ben:

Will L, Ray and Jenny, The JF 2005, Matt, Tim, Rob, G-man, Nate, DW, Hays, Craig, Boswell, Brian, Craig Wollack, Dan Patton and OSU VTS, The Anderson Family, Scott S., Ryan L., Mitzi & Ed, Troop 207 (Cedro, Tidal-weave, Dan-Right, Bossart... what up!), Dar, Gage, Gmail,, Vita-Mix Blenders, Andrew Skurka, Trailcast, Kouki & Maki, Funako-san, Reagan, The Crow...

Additional thanks from Lauren to:

Ben-beyond thank you, Storm & Jinjee, Victoria, Emili, Lou, Lucy, Lena, Nadine, Pilar, Teal, Michelle K, Duffy and Angela, Dr. Belsky, Mrs Steelman, Debbie Bradley, Fred Bisci, Miwa Yoshida, Dr Aftergood, Sum Yu & Allen, Oprah, Ellen, Delanco Camp, and Organic Farmers around the world!


  1. To Stitch & Figgy!

    What's up kids? It was your 5th wedding anniversary day when you met Chewy (Nate), the AMC Ridgerunner, and I outside at a cafe in Salisbury, CT. We hope you had a romantic dinner and pleasant stay that night.

    Chewy is still on the trails in CT. This is his last week, and I'll be out to hike with him on his final leg.

    It's great to see that you two are doing well and going strong on the AT! I'll be sure to let Nate know. All the best! ROCK ON!


  2. Dude, congratulations! You guys are stone cold crazy super hikers. I thought I would do a 2174.8 mile tour of LA to get to know the town a little better, but still stay local in case something goes wrong. I'm thinking I'll start in a outwardly spiraling walking path from downtown and then back track in a zig-zag pattern. I'll need custom clothing advice from the master - lightweight yet bullet-resistant. You two are more than welcome to join this epic journey.