Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Mail Forwarding Flubbed

In late March, I went to the USPS website and completed the temporary change of address & mail forwarding request form, so that our mail would be redirected to Lauren's parents when we move out.

Although I requested the service to begin April 21st, we became suspicious of an error when on April 10 & 11 we didn't receiving anything, not even the Val-Pack junk stack. On Wednesday the 12th, I called the P.O. and was able to speak directly to our carrier and straighten things out. Sure enough, Phillip had been given the wrong date and was already forwarding our mail.

The situation is a bit unnerving since we're receiving multiple trip-related shipments nearly every day. We hope that whatever items might be lost in the postal vortex either end up back here, or make it to NJ by the time we arrive next week. The only M.I.A. shipment I'm aware of is the maps of the first 3 states that Lauren's mom mailed out for us.

Plan B, of course, will be a mantra we picked up from RJ, "If I don't have it, then I don't need it."

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