Thursday, April 19, 2007

McAfee's Knob

Ben on McAfee Knob

Last time I was on Mcafee's Knob was in the fall of 1998, when this picture was taken. The spot is so scenic, it's no coincidence that it appears in just about every pamphlet or book describing the AT.

Back then I slept out under the stars on the massive slab, with my friends Dave and Ben, even though you're not supposed to because it gets so much use. That was one of the most peaceful and balmy nights I've ever spent outdoors.

In the morning we got up at sunrise and snapped a few photos with the self-timer. I wonder what this beautiful spot will have in store this time around.

Extra bonus! Here's are two 360° panoramas from the top: summer time.

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  1. Hey Guys!
    I just wanted to wish you the best as you leave LA to begin your adventure! I'm excited to follow you on your journey. Lauren, Starbucks already misses you. ;)
    Enjoy the East Coast!