Friday, April 27, 2007

Preparations from Mickleton, NJ

Departure from the Carr's House

Here we our with our packs this morning in Mickleton NJ before our southbound road-trip to Lauren's sister and brother-in-law Amanda and Jason in Virginia.

We spent night with Lauren's parents last night; our third location with family in as many days. After arriving by greyhound, it was an afternoon of last minute shopping details (cash, food items, shipping supplies) with Lauren's dad as our chauffeur.

Due to time constraints in L.A., we brought more hiking gear than we'll need with the intention of sorting it all out in New Jersey. Last night we stayed up late again, paring each of our base packweights(all items before consumable food and water) to below 8.5 pounds or 3.8kg. If you're curious, I've posted spreadsheet with the details.

Basecamp at the Carr's

Oh, and the red jacket I'm wearing is the one I completed from the "$500 jacket" post. It has a hood, fits perfefctly and I'm really happy with how it turned out!

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