Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Whirlwind that was Pittsburgh

Mom Altering Lauren's Rain Gear

My mom helped us make some alterations to our lightweight rain gear. Who would have guessed that my mom and I would have sewing as a common interest!?

Zipping Our Quilt Together

My quilts are a bit different than hers, but she did say it was "cool" and that "technically it is a quilt."

We took a break from our busy day of preparations to show my parents and Hannah our tarp shelter and quilt. When she was shopping for s'mores ingredients with my mom, Hannah said that her "bones were excited" to go camping with us in the backyard.

Checking Out Our Shelter

It was fun demonstrating our gear for my family.

Many people we meet have trouble comprehending sleeping in a tent so a summer under our tarp sounds even more extreme. And the best way to let them see the advantages of a tarp is a backyard demonstration. The truth is, our tarp is roomier and drier than because it eliminates condensation. Like most lightweight gear, carrying a tarp can be more functional than the traditional counterpart, but you can only carry less on your back if you carry more in your head.

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