Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Test Post From State College

(Phone message transcribed by Bethany)

Well, Lauren and I are here in State College, Pennsylvania, visiting my sister Bethany. We are sitting in Saint's Cafe. This is a test post of our message delivery system, to see if it will work.

If everything works correctly, I make a free phone call to (link to our channel), Bethany transcribes the mp3 file, and then she sends the text as an email that posts to this blog.

Alright, over and out!

- - - -


It looks like the posting system works. Cool!

Lauren and I had a great time on campus with Bethany where she showed us here stomping grounds. With the chilly spring rains, we got a chance to try out our lightweight rain jackets that my mom helped finish altering the night before. Thanks for the hospitality and transcription help, Bethany!

On the Bus at Penn State

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