Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Gear We're Carrying

We've been working on our gear up to the very last minute, and no doubt it will be evolving during our journey as well.

With 3 days until our launch at the Springer Mountain Approach Trail, it looks like our base packweights will each be around 8.5lbs (3.8kg), before consumables food and water. (Consumables are not included because they fluctuate based on resupply points, and average about 2 additional pounds per person per day).

Here is a more detailed spreadsheet of what we're carrying.

Huge a thanks to Ray and Jenny Jardine for all of your innovation sewing inspiration and kits, to AYCE for your fantastic hiker resources at thru-hiker.com, thanks to Adrian and the crow for your helpful input, thanks to fellow seamsters Will L. and the JF crew and to Patch for your inspiration with the rain mitts.