Friday, April 6, 2007

Posting to This Site

This might be "too much information" for most of you, but for the curious few here's an overview about my plans and methods of posting text & photos while we travel:

1) Quick and Easy (for Me) - Messages relayed by Bethany
I call a free 1-800 number provided by Gabcast, leaving a voice mail. The recording is published as an mp3 to the web, sending instant email notification to my sister. Bethany transcribes the mp3, and sends the message out as an email which is published directly to this site. (Thanks Bethany! I'll try to keep them short...)

2) A Bit More Involved - If I have a chance in town
From any computer with web connection I can send an email that will post text directly to site. If I have more time, I can log onto blogger and create a post with pictures or make changes to the site.

If I'm able to connect my camera to the computer I can also upload a couple photos from my Nikon D70 (I shoot in RAW+JPEG format) to my flickr account. Once uploaded to flickr, they will randomly be added to the sidebar of the site, or if I click "blog this" I can create a quick post directly in flickr that will post here.

3) Photo Archiving and Posting - With help from Kevin
When I fill up my memory card (two 4GB, two 1GB) I will mail to Kevin for him to back them up, upload them to my flickr account and mail the cards to a resupply town. If he has time, he may even choose a few photos to post directly to this site.

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