Saturday, October 13, 2007

Adjustment - Part 2

Our current state of not being "productive" or actively doing something is a strange adjustment. On our adventure we were without many responsibilities, but we were still walking 20 miles per day. Sitting around reading or watching a movie just feels foreign.

Last night I tossed and turned all night, awake for most of it. I discovered that since I did not walk yesterday, although I was sleepy when I went to bed, my body was too restless to get much sleep. Good to know. Today we went for a hike with Lauren's parents and sister.

Several toes on my left foot continue to be numb, a condition caused by pounding that is not uncommon among long-distance hikers. I understand it is usually temporary. It doesn't hurt, but just feels weird. It is also still uncomfortable for me to walk around barefoot, since the bottoms of my feet are a bit tender. I heard from another hiker that this might last about a month.

Unfortunately Lauren's blood sugars are still running high. A transition period can be expected, but she caught a cold that was going around and that certainly did not help because it only elevates them.

Final Night at Gorbo's

I have heard from our friends He-Man & She-Ra, Gorbo and Turbo Turtle. It seems that they each are experiencing similar transition hurdles. And a big congrats to He-Man and She-Ra who got married a couple days ago - something that didn't pan out for them at the base of Katahdin - but must make for another layer of post-trail transition!

This week I mustered up the courage to sort trip boxes, re-connect our cell phones and tackle the pile of bills and correspondence that need attention. I feel back in the swing of things a bit.

My friend Will, who has thru-hiked the PCT encouraged me in an email saying, "I hope your reentry will forever be superficial." After the thrill and clarity that comes with an epic adventure, that's what I'm hoping for too.

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