Sunday, February 10, 2008


On the trail, Lauren and I each kept a daily journal, that we wrote in before going to bed. At the time we were unaware what the other was writing about, and now post-tail we've been taking our time going through and sharing them with each other. It's quite an enlightening experience to relive the same events through the memoirs of another.

Today we went to a coffee shop and continued our journal recap, making it to mile 430 in northern Tennessee.

It is rewarding to reflect on our early trail experiences and to so clearly see our character development... to see our trail rhythm and teamwork establish, to see how Lauren's mile-driven mentality eased over time, and to remember those physical hurdles I encountered early on.

I feel so blessed to have been able to make this incredible journey in 2007. It was an investment in ourselves, our marriage, and our future. I also am so grateful that we made the commitment to document our highs and lows so faithfully.

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  1. Hey guys: Everyone here at the ATC Mid-Atlantic Office very much appreciated your recent postcard and your kind words about our little office. Makes the 2006 thru hiker's journal comment of "This ATC Office blows!" seem like a distant memory now. I still have Lauren's great phone msg. saved on my cell phone to listen to anytime I'm feeling down in the dumps. Hope you guys are well!