Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Soundtrack of the Summer

We intentionally did not bring headphones or music on the trail, so we could be present and immersed in the experience of the trail.

Sometimes when hiking, a song would pop into my head anyway. Early on in the journey it might be "Georgia on my Mind" by Ray Charles among other songs that I just don't remember.

But Johnny Cash seemed to make his way into a high percentage of my mental playlist. I think there is something about the cadence of his music, and the way he vividly describes the American landscape that links his music to the trail for me.

"Tennessee Stud," came into mind often, but after meeting Winton Porter at the Walasi-Yi, the song that I couldn't shake was:


  1. I hope you know all the words to that song. I've had that song stuck in my head before, and all I can remember is "Hey Porter, hey Porter." I can't imagine hiking all day long with those 4 words running through my mind over and over! The times I spent on the AT in high school had the soundtrack of Led Zeppelin songs because I carried my Walkman with a bunch of LZ tapes!

  2. Good call, Pete.

    I definitely know all the words to my version of the song:

    "Hey Porter, Hey Porter, could you tell me the time. Somethin-somethin somethin-somethin Mason-Dixon Line."