Friday, November 7, 2008

Dick Proenneke

A few years ago I read the account of Dick Proenneke with great fascination and admiration. At age 51, he built a cabin by hand in a remote part of Alaska, then spent the next 35 years meticulously documenting his solitude with photography, video footage and writings.

His narrated video is available on DVD, and this clip is well worth a look if you have 10 minutes.


  1. Hi Ben & Lauren,

    Several years ago, Art & I watched Dick's entire documentary on PBS. We were engrossed and amazed throughout the whole thing and would love to own the dvd.

    Really makes you compare/contrast Dick's attitudes, methods, and experiences to Chris McCandless's. And of course, their end results were dramatically different, too.

    Makes me want to watch this whole thing again! Thanks for reminding me about this.


  2. Wow. That's really amazing. Thanks for the clip. I can't even imagine that kind of solitude...