Sunday, April 12, 2009

Deep Creek with the Family

Wading Across Chilly Deep Creek

On Friday we took a hike down to Deep Creek. Crossing the chilly creek took a bit of courage, but everyone made it easily.

Soaking in the Big Tub

We had the big hot tub to ourselves for a few relaxing hours, and enjoyed a perfect day.

Deep Creek from the North Bank

The Southern California landscape of dessert scrub, Joshua Trees and massive boulders were fun to explore with family used to the green grass yards on the east coast.

Hike to Deep Creek


  1. Awesome! That looks so relaxing. I'll bet it would be great to help with sore muscles. Did you guys hit the hot springs in Hot Springs, NC on the AT?

  2. that is great!... and I'm glad to see that everyone is clothed ;)