Tuesday, June 7, 2011

England's Coast to Coast Route

Near Ennerdale Bridge


Little Hiker

Fun Walking

Yet Another Farm

Excited to be Finished

A number of people told us he was the youngest to complete the Coast to Coast route, at 15 months old. We're not sure. And that's certainly not why we went. It was a blast!

Want to see more from our trip? Here are 200 more photos over at Flickr.


  1. Gorgeous shots! what a trip - you're an inspiration! lovin' the tri-colored, blue, lime, orange, family!

  2. We definitely were blue, lime and orange... it rained nearly every day!

  3. hello, just dropping by..i'm leading one of the groups from hope for teh weary moms! your little boy is the cutest!

  4. awesome adventure, I was fascinated to see all the photos Ace Maxs Asli Original | Obat Benjolan Di Ketiak

  5. Hey, guys! I just finished Cheryl Strayed's "Wild" and I thought of reading your AT trip online all those years ago. It looks like you are both doing well and still hiking. Hope so, anyway! Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your story with the rest of us. It was super awesome to follow along and also I found it a million times more interesting than the book I read. ;) All the best.