Sunday, May 11, 2008

May/June ATJ

The latest Appalachian Trail Journeys magazine just came out which had the list of 2007 hikers who completed the trail. Seeing the 'regular' names of hikers we knew only by trail names was entertaining.

Strange but not unexpected was seeing number who claimed to have hiked the entire trail yet certainly didn't. I respect people hiking on their own terms, but to skip around and then posture as a thru-hiker is still remarkably lame.

Tucked away is also a spread with a few of my wildflower photos, followed by a page with a few taken by our friend He-Man.


  1. Hey guys! i just got the mag too and saw you both in the list!

    I also noticed a few "non thru-hiker" thru-hikers. They're the ones that will have to live it. At least we know that we came, we saw, and we conquered all 2174 miles.

    hope you both are doing well. nice PCT kick off picks too.

    -topo john (aka lakewood)

  2. Thanks Lakewood. Hope you're doing well... in State College, right?