Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

Ben, Hays and Nate top out at Glen Pass

This Memorial Day a few friends and I had an unforgettable trip through the High Sierra playground. Normally by the end of May, the weather is warm and balmy with lingering snowpack. But this year, winter conditions were in full effect.

I cut the year's first tracks up and over Glen Pass (11,978') and through the Rae Lakes basin.

Ben Climbing Glen Pass

Using an ice axe we safely navigated through some treacherous conditions. I particularly enjoyed the way that these situations demanded my complete attention, putting me in a focused and fully present state of mind.

Hays and Nate Descend from Glen Pass

In lower elevations the trip began with a chilly rain.

Manzanita Bllom

Dramatic Weather

Junction Meadow

But as we climbed higher, the temperature dropped and the precipitation changed to thick piles of accumulating snow.

Accumulating Snowfall

Snow Begins to Accumulate

Cutting Treacherous Tracks

Friends, adventure, challenge, scenery… easily one of best adventures ever.

Ben and Nate Descend Glen Pass


  1. great pics... totally jealous! - I like your thought about "being in the moment"!... Any tips on "how" to practice/create a similar experience to that at 'sea level'? (in the day-to-day stuff:)

  2. Very nice pictures and what an adventure!
    DO you think Glen Pass will still be covered by snow by end of June?

  3. Hi Ali,
    In my estimation, by the end of June Glen pass will have patchy snow especially on the north side. But by then the herd of PCT hikers will already be through and you will have no trouble getting up and over or walking on established trail.

    Good luck on your trip.