Thursday, January 1, 2009

Mexico Trip

A Bus Load Arrives

From December 26-30, Lauren and I spent time helping out in a small Mexican village. Our group of eighteen traveled about four hours south of the border on the Baja peninsula, to the town of Vicente Guerrero to spend time at the Welcome Home preschool.

Children Come Running

Without the preschool, parents work in the field and a young child either sits nearby all day, or an older sibling has to stay home from their schooling to take care of their younger sibling.

Lauren, Lena and Sonya

Before meeting the children, our team tackled a bunch of projects: Replacing 5 toilets, fixing a sink, replacing 5 termite infested window frames, sanitizing crates of small toys and children's furniture, cutting a hole in a wall so we could hang a door and close off another, replacing linoleum tiles, organizing the donation pantry, building bunk beds, painting a sign, fixing drywall ceiling and collecting donations.

Two Vibrant Girls on the Playhorse

By far, the best part of the trip was spending time with the kids. We were able to ride along with them on the bus to see where they lived, eat with them in the dining room and play with them on the playground.

Breakfast for the Children

The children and school staff were grateful for our help and encouragement. On the last morning, we were treated to a small concert (below):

More photos from the trip can be seen at our flickr site.

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  1. what a great experience! thanks for sharing... the pics are great... we just got back from the Midwest... best wishes for 2009