Thursday, January 15, 2009

Trail Life

Trail Life by Ray Jardine

I've been enjoying Ray Jardine's re-worked edition of Beyond Backing, now called Trail Life. Lauren picked it up for me as my Christmas gift, and I've been taking my time soaking it in as nighttime reading before bed.

The main difference in the format is that it now includes hundreds of color photos of Ray and Jenny's adventures. Also different, is that Ray presents most ideas in a "This worked for us, it might not work for you..." tone, which may ruffle a few less feathers. Personally, I didn't mind the how-to tone of the previous format, but this one works as well, and may be less off-putting to the doubters.

I'm only partway done, but am looking forward to reading a section near the end where Jenny writes about their experiences from her perspective, which I don't believe she's previously done.

Great job on the new book Ray and Jenny.

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  1. Hey Stitch, I haven't gotten to the part of the book with Jenny's perspective yet either but am looking forward to it. On a side note...I have the same headlamp (one of two in the regular rotation). Weird. Must be a class of 2007 thing.