Monday, September 3, 2007

Mahoosucs Boundary Work

Sally and Ellen

Today Lauren and I worked with a crew of two A.T.C. employees (Sally and Ellen) and 5 volunteers, including ourselves. We hauled supplies of paint, fuel and tools to a staging area where their team will be working from this month. I hauled a pack primarily of yellow paint that I estimate was around 60 pounds.

Hauling Up Supplies

Later we learned the basics of boundary maintaining from Sally, who loves working with volunteers. Since the A.T. boundaries in this area have not been checked or marked in over 20 years, the neighboring logging operation might inadvertently clearcut right up to the trail.

Painting a Boundary Blaze

The boundary must be located, the brush cut, and then trees painted with a system of yellow blazes that indicate where the line is.

Swamping Trees

We had a great day on the boundary and will stop to help them again for another afternoon when we reach their location in the Mahoosucs - a few days north of Gorham. Pictured left to right: Ben, Tom, Lauren, Emily, Ellen, Sally and Clearwater.

A.T.C. Boundary Crew

Sally and Ellen are keeping a blog about this trip called No Limits, Just Boundaries.

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  1. ben & lauren,
    we had so much fun working with ya'll! thank you, thank you, thank you - you really were a highlight of this time in the mahoosucs. good luck on your last push. we look forward to seeing your pic on your blog of ya'll at katahdin!