Friday, September 7, 2007

Update - Andover Maine

As one might guess, Maine has been incredibly beautiful so far, although unseasonably warm. We were in the 80s today!

Crawling in the Notch

Lauren and I hiked through the rugged Mahoosucs over the last couple days. The Notch and Arm were quite challenging stretches and slowed us down quite a bit. At certain points you need to take off your pack and crawl under house-sized boulders.

Moose In the Notch

It took us about 2.5 hours to come through the nothch, mostly because Lauren's sugars were not all that strong and she was also spooked by the grusome moose carcass that is literally on the trail. (He fell down the cliffs over a month ago and we've been hearing about it since Massachusetts. He was "mercy-killed" after 5 days and now has prayer flags over him.)

Stealth Site in Maine

Our stealth camp sites at night have been some of our most favorite of the trip. The weather has permitted us to sleep out under the stars or under a canopy of trees, without using our tarp.

Our Trailer

Our friends at the A.T.C. made arrangements for us to stay with "Bear" and "Honey" at "The Cabin" in East Andover. The cabin is actually fairly full so they put us up in the pop-up outside. When hikers wash clothes we usually wear our raingear, so complimentary wash duds are always a treat.

Thank you for the notes and encouragement... Lourdes, Adrian, Matt...
We're having so much fun.


  1. Lauren and Ben (or I guess I should say Figgy and Stitch!)
    I absolutely LOVE the complimentary wash duds! You guys are my heros! I continue to read your updates and the pictures are AMAZING ... I almost feel like I'm taking the journey with you. Thank you for allowing me to experience something I otherwise never would ... I'm not so much a hiker!! Enjoy Maine!!

  2. Thanks for the comment on our blog. You guys are really getting close! I hope the weather is better for you in Maine than it was for us. We ran into more rain, mud, and cold there than any other state. But, it was absolutely beautiful and very rewarding hiking up there. Happy trails for the rest of your hike. Hopefully you will end up at the Gull Pond Lodge in Rangeley and Shaw's in Monson. We greatly enjoyed those two off trail places.

    Bandanna Ben

  3. Verrah cute, you guys! Verrah cute! ;)