Thursday, September 20, 2007

One Week and Counting!!!!!!!

100 Mile Wilderness

(Phone Message Transcribed by Bethany)

Good morning! Today is Thursday, September 20, 2007. We’re calling from the Monson General Store at a pay phone outside. We’re moments away from getting a hitch back to the trail. We’ve got probably seven or eight days of food as we are carrying all the food that we need to reach Katahdin and summit, as well as the night afterwards. We plan to climb Katahdin and Baxter Peak, one week from today, September 27, 2007. We’ve got one extra buffer day thrown in there in case of weather or anything else.

Lake Hebron

Lauren has a wrap on her ankle. A friend gave her some extra pain killers in case that she needs them (they would normally be behind lock and key, haha!) Our friends Josh and Sarah (aka He-Man and She-Ra) surprised us by catching up with us yesterday. We all stayed at the same lodging in town called Shaws.

Anyway, our packs are pretty much maxed out as far as capacity and weight. They have no frame in them so they feel quite heavy on our shoulders. I’m probably carrying about 35 pounds and Lauren is probably carrying 25 pounds. We’re hoping for a really great stretch here to finish out the trip strong! That’s the news from town, and we will probably not be in contact with anyone for the next week. Thanks to everyone for keeping up with us and for all the encouragement!!!

Over and Out.


  1. Congrats to you guys ... I've been following you the whole way. You guys are awesome!....Take care and reach that summit.

  2. Way to go, You are finally going to make it :) Hang in there, I sorta hiking this trail thru you guys metaphorically :P

  3. that's great. one more week. and the pictures are just incredible. thanks for including everyone along in your journey. it almost feels like we are there. May God bless the last 100 miles. Take care!

  4. Wow, I can't beleive you are almost finished! I'm really proud of you guys. We found a new house in Ohio. We move in Oct 17th, so keep us posted on your plans.

  5. whew... you're journey has just been amazing! I just returned from 11 days with Pepperdine - it was very intense... I miss you guys and keep you in my prayers...

  6. Way to go guys!!! You are about to reach the goal that you set your hearts out on. This was an incredible journey that tops anything that I've ever done. The photos were just amazing, the dialog and stories were very interesting and all of the comments were encouraging. Take care during your last miles. God Bess and Be Well. Much Love Kimiko

  7. Great job guys. I can't wait to see your summit photo!


  8. Hi guys,

    Sorry I missed your exciting call this afternoon reporting the grand finale finish. Congratulations, amazing, exciting, admirable.
    Grams wonders what you will do tomorrow 9/28 to avoid the 'let down' after such a feat.
    Call home for an offer. Love, Mom