Monday, June 25, 2007

Thanks Mom

The Tarp with Our New Net Tent

One thing we had neglected to plan for was when the weather becomes too hot and muggy for our sleeping quilt which also serves as our bug protection with a headnet.

From Blacksburg / Pearisburg, VA I called my mom and asked her to sew a net-tent that suspends beneath our tarp based on Ray Jardine's kits. She made quick work of it and shipped the net-tent off to us Waynesboro where I received it and tried it out in the yard today.

It works great. Thanks again, Mom. We appreciate your support and involvement in our journey. Now we won't go insane from the biting critters we have in store.

1 comment:

  1. Hey stitch!!! Wow now I know where you get your sewing skills from. Tell your mom she is awesome!!! She whipped that tent netting up in no time. You gotta love her for that one. No itchy bug bite now....

    Take care U 2!!