Thursday, June 21, 2007

Update - Glasgow, Virginia

(Phone message transcribed)

Today Lauren and I hiked to the James River where we were greeted by our friend Joseph who surprised us and hiked southbound to meet us. He was hiding behind a tree stump and jumped out at us, so it was really good to see him.

Surprise, it's Boswell!

Joseph has been carting us around all day, helping us get to the pharmacy and run a couple errands, so we are very grateful for his help. Thanks a lot Joseph!

Looking Back at the James River

The last stretch has been quite beautiful, if not a bit nondescript. We've been zig-zagging across the Blue Ridge Parkway and there has not been a lot of notable things. There have been several vistas and a lot of humidity. Other than that, the trail has treated us well. We're feeling in stride right now. We're energetic, strong and have positive attitudes.

Wild Blueberries!

One day we hiked through an incredible downpour, when the rain came it cut the temperature by about 20 degrees, so that was a welcome relief. We've also picked our first wild blueberries of the summer and have spent some time at a couple different swimming holes, which was fantastic.

. . .

We're several days away from Waynesboro, Virginia, which is the southern gateway to Shenandoah National Park. We're looking forward to a day off there and a short resupply. On this past stretch we hit our 33% mark and I guess that's about all the news I can think of.

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