Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Update - Troutville, VA

(Phone message transcribed)

It's Tuesday, 8AM, June 19th. Lauren and I have completed the section between Blacksburg and Troutville, so we are at mile 715.8.

Striking a Familiar Pose on McAfee Knob

McAfee Knob.

A 300 Year Old Oak

A 300 year old oak tree.

Sunset on Wind Rock

Sunset on Wind Rock.

We arrived in Troutville on Sunday around noon and called my Aunt Rebecca from the Cracker Barrel. We've had a couple of refreshing days with her - got to see where she lives, meet her friends, enjoy some great conversation and stock up on some good food.

So today we're headed back out on the trail. We're entering the Blue Ridge Parkway area of Virginia and we understand there's a considerable amount of pollutions that gets trapped against these mountains making the skies fairly smoggy so we're not sure what the views are going to be like.

It's also getting quite hot and humid during the day, which can make for some challenging hiking, so we'll likely be needing to carry more water than we have in the past. Lauren and I have decided that we'll be carrying 3-4 days food tops, just because we can drop into small towns with regularity. Our next stop is going to be Glasgow, VA probably on Thrusday.

We're feeling strong and have recovered as of last Saturday from any traces of the stomach bug we had out of Blacksburg. Glad to be back out on the trail. Today I think we're going to cross the 33% mark.

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  1. I am so sorry that you guys got the bug that I had. I truly feel so bad. I can't imagine feeling that way out on the trail. I guess the only good thing is you didn't have to run for the toilet! I definitely owe you a double batch of cookies to make up for that. you just tell me when to send them and I will.

    Love, Kati