Sunday, August 26, 2007

Approaching the Whites

Crossing on a Log

The miles out of Hanover have been interesting walking through pioneer homesteads, old sugaring farms and the great summits of Smarts Mountain and Mt. Cube. Heat and humidity are back up, but we don't care - we're having a great time!

Tom Brings Us Icewater

Last night we met up with Tom W., a trail maintainer with the DOC (Dartmouth Outing Club) and the ATC. Tom will be also be working on the trail boundary project in the Mahoosucs that we are volunteering for once we hit Gorham next week. Tom brought us back to his home near the trail where he prepared dinner for us, told us a bunch of fascinating tales and showed us a film about hiking in Scotland (wow!).

We begin the Whites today with our climb up Mt. Mousilauke, our first above treeline walk of the trip.

It is said that when you reach New Hampshire, you've done 80% of the A.T.'s miles, but only 20% of the work. We're approaching the section where there are 3,500 foot drops and then gains at each "notch" and 360 degree views for miles at a time.

It feels good to be dropping our miles so we can soak it all in.


  1. Hey guys! Enjoy your above treeline hiking on your climb towards the Mahoosucs! Ellen & I are looking forward to meeting up with you shortly in Gorham. We should be up there by sometime this Thursday and will start on some carry ins w/ Emily, AMC's Mahoosuc Rover on Friday. Glad you guys had a good stay with Tom. He's one of ATC's very best when when it comes to the AT's amazing network of volunteers, both as a trail maintainer and a boundary monitor coordinator. Sally

  2. Sounds like it's awesome. i'm sure you will enjoy cutting back the miles and enjoy the scenery. the posts and pictures are great and makes me feel like i'm right there with ya! keep up the good work.

  3. Love the updates - So SO SO sad that I've missed your phone calls! :(
    Hey, My buddy Chris just hiked in Scotland - and we were looking at pictures and it IS amazing!