Thursday, August 23, 2007

Projected Finish Date

To this point we've been surprisingly on-track with the arbitrary schedule we created on the drive down to Georgia. Originally we thought we'd reach Katahdin somewhere in the neighborhood of Sept 17-20, but from here forward we are planning to push those dates back.

We are having such a great time out here we've decided to take our time through some of the most scenic miles of the trip. Thus far, on hiking days we walk about 18-22 miles, but from here forward we're planning to average 14-15 miles per day and push our expected finish back to September 26-28.

We are still planning to have some down time after our trip to just veg and reconnect with our families. Our projected return to Los Angeles looks like it might be in mid-November.


  1. Ben and Lauren, I am so excited for you guys!! We were telling your story to some friends last night who brought an appetizer with figs to dinner. I am glad to hear that you're enjoying yourselves so much that you're going to extend your dates. I wish you the best as you wrap things up. Don't forget to keep us updated! I have truly loved reading your updates and seeing your pictures! You should publish all this stuff in a book. Take care.
    Pete Davis

  2. Let's figure out a way that you can swing by down from Pburg to Bburg on your way back west. We'd love to see you again!