Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Update - Manchester Center, VT (Mile1636.2)

Stratton Mountain Lookout

We've crossed 1600 miles this week and the 75% mark! Vermont is treating us well with spectacular views, lush green trail and some fantastic weather. We think the bugs are behind us and the best part of the trail is still in store.

Beaver Dam and Lodge

We continue to see amazing beaver dams - one 100 yards long and 5 feet high. They are truly impressive engineering spectacles. This week we've also seen our first signs of moose - droppings and tracks - and can't wait to see them in person.

Passing Storm

Lauren has been having some emotional ups and downs on the trail, but her friend She-Ra (Sara) has been a great support lately. Lauren's parents are visiting with us in Hanover, NH when we arrive there next week.

We're feeling great and feel so fortunate we've made the decision to be out here this summer. Thanks to everyone for the emails and comments:

Big Jim Hays, Tim, Kimiko, Erin D, Amy & Ray, G, Cousin Carrie, Staaaats, Adrian, Rob, Matt, Dan & Tracy, Fatherof2, PassionPhish, Clearwater, Koza...

We read all of them, but can't get back to everyone personally right yet.


  1. i have loved reading about your adventures this summer. it is amazing how far you have gotten. thanks for sharing it with us all

  2. Hi Ben and Lauren,
    You may remember Ray de Leon, from VT. I, Amy, married him almost 5 years ago, and we have 2 little girls. Amanda Masters sent us your blogspot, and we have loved tracking you and seeing your pictures. We have been praying for your safety and perserverance!

    Hopefully, we'll be able to see you in person sometime in the near future! (We live in Southern Maryland).

  3. Hang in there guys! You're so close!!! We're very proud of you!

  4. i think ray jardine is very happy with you guys right now! make him proud! haha

  5. Keep it up guys. We're really proud of you! And we just found out today we're having a girl! Crazy, huh? We're praying for you...