Thursday, August 23, 2007

Update - Hanover, NH (Mile 1732.1)

Crossing into New Hampshire

On our road walk into town on Tuesday afternoon, we met Figgy's parents who drove up to see us and were walking southbound to meet us. Together we crossed the bridge over the Connecticut River, which is the VT/NH border, and made our way to the college town of Hanover, New Hampshire.

In preparation for the next stretch we are joining Figgy's parents and Nan back for a day off, where we'll be relaxing, regrouping and resupplying before heading out this weekend.

Anticipating cooler temperatures, we now have our cold weather gear back with us including: insulated jackets, heavier sleeping quilt, insulated hats, gloves, rain mitts - all of which I made. We will also be carrying our alcohol stove with us again since Figgy's favorite comfort food on the trail is a hot cup of coffee.

We are glad to have new shoes (our 4th pair) that should take us to the end of our journey. Thanks again to Clyde and Lynda for coordinating our wardrobe change and helping us in this final resupply.

In Hanover we connected with our friends He-Man and She-Ra who joined us all for excellent Indian food, exchanged lively trail stories and crashed on the floor at our place. Although we've known He-Man and She-Ra since Pennsylvania, we've only actually hiked with them a few times. In Maine we're planning to align our schedules and will probably summit Katahdin on the same day.

Roots on the Trail

Today we hiked another 14 miles north of town and were joined at the end by Figgy's parents, since they love hiking and so we don't lose our forward momentum. We continue to hike past sugaring lines (for maple syrup), enjoy the cooler temperatures and lack of bugs, and love the scenery that we pass through.

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