Saturday, August 18, 2007


Yeah, we've been spoiled for the last 100 miles. Southern Vermont is our hands-down favorite stretch so far, with mountaintop lookouts, surreal trail scenery and amazing weather. Even hiking on some famous ski resorts has been interesting.

Hiking on a Ski Trail

Besides the mostly ideal sunny weather, even the stormy moments haven been remarkable. We were huddled down in a shelter near the top of Mt. Killington when a severe thunderstorm hit and the rain was coming down horizontally. The luminance of fog and light afterwards were beyond words.

Twilight Fog

On another evening, our backdrop was a moody sunset while we enjoyed dinner on a massive rock outcropping.

Twilight view of White Mountain

Another morning we hiked across a suspension bridge spanning a scenic gorge with swift water and smoothly polished rock.

Clarendon Gorge

With 488 miles to go, we already feel like we're approaching the grand finale!

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  1. Hey guys: Heard you met one of my top volunteer AT Boundary Maintainters (Tom-the NH Hillwalker) at the Long Trail fest. It's been great to be able to follow your progress ever since we met here at ATC in Boiling Springs, PA. We're all really looking forward to working with you guys for a bit on the boundary work in the Mahoosucs. It would be great if Ben could get us some good photos too for the future AT Journeys magazine article on this important cooperative effort in trail protection. Thanks in advance for your willingness to spend some time working with us to give back to the Trail. See you soon. Sally at ATC