Monday, May 7, 2007

Carelessness Causes Concern

We had a little less than restful evening in Franklin than we had hoped, but everything worked out!

Summit Photos at Haven's Budget Inn

After a great dinner at the Prime Steakhouse AYCE (all-you-can-eat) buffet, we came back to find our door unlocked. We didn't think much of it, but became concerned when I couldn't find my drivers license, debit card, and $200 plus a couple clothing items.

We handled the setback pretty well, keeping focused on the perspective of the whole summer, but weren't looking forward to canceling the bank card and trying to get another license. Although we're expecting chilly nights this week, at least the clothing could be reordered and wasn't something I custom we'd made back home. After some calls to our parents last night for help with contact info for bank, DMV and gear manufacturers, we turned in for a slightly restless night of sleep.

The good news: This morning Lauren retraced her steps to the grocery store and recovered the ID/valuables where she left them, and we found my clothing items hidden in some linens.

Well, that was a bit more town excitement than we were hoping for, but now we're ready to hitch back to the trail and get back in the flow of our journey. I am also certain we'll be even more careful with our gear lifelines than we already were.


  1. Ben and Lauren! So proud of you guys! Stay safe and have fun! You'll be in our prayers!
    -Cousin Carrie

  2. Good luck on your adventure! Glad you found your wallet!