Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Onward to Damascus

(Phone message transcribed by Bethany)

This is an update from Monday May 28, 2007. The last three days since Erwin have been spectacular.

Point The Umbrella Into the Wind

Lauren and I enjoyed some of the most beautiful country we’ve seen so far this trip. We got to experience the amazing above tree line views from the Roan Mountain Highlands. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the rhododendron and rugged terrain of Tennessee.

Little Hump Mountain

Today we are taking a zero day at the Kincora Hostel, which is an amazing place. We decided to push ourselves yesterday and hike 24 miles in order to arrive here yesterday evening. Today we have done nothing but sit back, read National Geographic, and prop our feet up. The Kincora hostel is one of the amazing places on the trail because Bob and Pat Peoples are motivated solely by helping hikers. They have a log cabin and property approximately .2 miles away from the trail where hikers have access to shower, laundry, and a bunk, but in our case, a private room for only $4 a night! They even offer a complimentary shuttle into town.

Welcome to the Kincora

We are regrouped and are looking forward to the next stretch into Damascus, Virginia. We’ll be leaving Tuesday morning to head there. We’ve accomplished most of what is described as the rugged terrain of the south, so things should be a little smoother in Virginia. We continue to feel very strong and are still enjoying the views along each mile. Sometimes in the morning I [Ben] wake up in a bad mood not looking forward to hiking all the miles in the day, but after about 5 miles I’m doing a lot better and we have a good time.

I’m really excited to get to Damascus. We should be there in about three days. It should be a little less of a circus and it has the reputation of being the friendliest town on the trail so we’re looking forward to experiencing that and finding out what that means. Between here and there we’re looking forward to 50 miles of great hiking and some views of Lake Wautaga. The rhododendrons are about to bloom so we’re headed into the Grayson Highlands in peak season which should be beautiful. We hope to post some more pictures and stories from Damascus.

Until then,
Over and Out.

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  1. It was great to meet you both, Ben and Lauren! I hope you are successful in your journey, not only in the miles traveled but in the new friends that you will make along the way...Take care and I'll be following your trip through your blogs...good luck and take care...Dale