Thursday, May 24, 2007

Do You Speak Humanese?

A surprise gift from Chef Ito

After our last dinner before leaving LA, at our favorite restaurant, Au Lac, Chef Ito filled a Chinese to-go container with his famous raw pistachio bread for our hike. It took a ton of willpower to wait 1 week, but it sure paid off. During the first week of our hike, I rationed out the round little mounds of deliciousness so that Ben and I could enjoy them for 3 full days! Every ingredient -- Raisins, pistachios, onions, cinnamon -- that makes Ito's pistachio bread special popped after hiking 17 and 18-mile days... it's taking me back!

Thank you, Ito, for your kind, generous spirit! Thank you for all the ways you speak love into everything that you do. Thank you for sharing your friends with us--bringing people together from all backgrounds. Thank you for the peace you pass on in your hugs. Thank you for your servant heart. Thank you for your vision to create a "classroom" where Humanese is the main language, modeled by you!

Ben and I have dedicated several last miles-of-the-day to "De La Mamma" and "Chocolate Ecstasy"!

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