Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Wild Flowers and Open Trails

(Phone Message Transcribed by Bethany)

The Walasi-Yi Center

Good Morning! It's Wednesday, May 2, 2007. It's about 11am here. We rolled into the Walasi-Yi Center at Neel’s Gap. We’re having a blast and and are just amazed that we are finally doing this. We’ve got about 30 miles of the Appalachian trail under our belt so far, and we're doing great. The weather is warm and sunny and the skies have been blue. The trees are budding green, and new life abounds.

Wild Flame Azalea Trees

We are making great progress as we are enjoying the wildflowers in bloom during the season. Things couldn’t be better. We just re-supplied with seven days of food as we get ready for our next destination, the Nantahala Outdoor Center. We are going to be leaving here shortly.

Climbing Blood Mountain

As far as thru hikers go, we haven't seen too many. There are less registered hikers than normal this year. We signed in at the register at the Walasi-Yi and our numbers are 570 and 571, which is about a few hundred less than usual. We’ve had the trail to ourselves and we’ve been enjoying every bit of it. I had no idea that Georgia would be so beautiful. We’ve been taking some great pictures of the trail, and I hope to post some of those the next time we have an internet access.

Alright everyone thanks for your interest and support! We look forward to relaying some more details as they come. I guess that’s about it for now. Talk to you later.

Over and Out.

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