Thursday, May 17, 2007

Passing Time

Life on the trail is great, but some days it's a struggle to make late-day miles with a positive attitude. So, how do Ben and I pass those tough miles?

  • Eating a snack--even picking it out of our teeth takes time after the food is gone.
  • Make up a word and then make up it's definition. ('Roundlet': a chorus that one repeats only three times or less)
  • Telling childhood stories to each other.
  • Praying for family and friends.
  • Figuring out resupply or town logistics.
  • Naming all the unsweetened cereals. (Cheerios, Special K, Total, etc..)
  • Creating the most dignified sounding names. (Charles Edward Bennington, the First)
  • Dedicating our last mile... (Last night was dedicated to PB and S'mores)
  • Making up lame backpacker pick-up lines. (If I was heading South and then I met you...)
  • Counting every 25 steps when going up hills.
  • Finding the letters of the alphabet in nature.

1 comment:

  1. I recall the word 'frubble' being coined somewhere in the Canadian Rockies when you were talking about Benny's neck hair. Emili likes roundlet.

    We've enjoyed reading your blog,