Sunday, May 6, 2007

Some Vital Stats from Our First Week

A few quick stats:
A.T. Miles Completed: 106.6
States Completed: 1 (Georgia)
Current Location: Franklin, N.C., Winding Stair Gap
Days on the trail: 7
Blisters: 0
Bear sightings: 4 (Over two days)
Wildflowers: Countless! (Violets, Azaleas...)
Days in the Rain: 2.5
Figs eaten: 2.3 lbs (Lauren's power food, more to come)
Trail Names Received: 0
Hikers Feeling Good: 2

Fears Overcome:
Putting on wet clothes in the morning to dry them out while hiking, Hiked all day in the rain with wet feet, Hitch-hiked into our first trail town.

Good teamwork, Lauren's stable blood sugars, Having fun

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