Thursday, May 24, 2007

One Regret...


Although there aren't too many downsides to spending the entire summer hiking the Appalchian Trail, on my hike into town this morning, it painfully set in that I will be missing one of the highlights of my year.

Beginning in March and April my inbox is usually bloated with a flurry of trash-talking and trip planning, in anticipation of the last weekend in May, the annual Kings Canyon Memorial Day trip.

For the last four years a few college friends and I have hiked into the same pristine spot where we spend the long weekend catching up and soaking in the beauty of California's Sierra Nevada. This time I won't be there. That sinks.

Have fun in paradise gentlemen, and pour our a little for me.

(Pictured Above: Typically the weather is warm and 80 degrees in late May. On our 2006 trip, Ben H. and I took the long way around, attempting to climb over 11,978' Glen Pass, but turned back and took the normal trail when the traverse was icy and a snowstorm moved in.)


  1. We missed you benny. A little was poured out in your memory. We are already preping for next year. It will be great to have you back.

  2. It definitely wasn't the same trip without you. This would have been the perfect year to try the loop; a low snow year, dry and warm temperatures...maybe next year. It will be great to have you back for KC-08.