Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Photography from the Trail

I normally prefer shooting with a Digital SLR or even my Hasselblad Medium Format Film Camera when I can, but this trip called for something a bit different.

Up until a week prior to departure I was planning to take my 3+ pound Nikon D70 with a 28-105 zoom lens. I made a lightweight foam case for it, bought extra memory cards and was ready to bring it along.

Then, a week before the trip, my friend Kevin showed me his Canon SD1000. The thing is literally the dimension of a credit card and slightly more than 3/4" thick. Best of all, it takes video, makes sound recordings and is intuitive to use.

The trade off between the highest quality images vs. an easily accessible, compact, lightweight camera has been worth it. I have not regretted the decision once. And the ability to record video and sound clips has been an added bonus.

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