Wednesday, July 4, 2007

"What A Girl Wants, ..."

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Supposedly, an approximately equal number of men and women hike the AT each year, but I beg to differ. As a female thru-hiker, I definitely feel outnumbered on the trail by my male counter-parts. It's nice getting the respect from them like I'm a hard-core chick able to withstand all the physical and mental challenges that the trail requires. But this is no substitute for my need for girlfriends.

I have emotional needs, and I'm learning how to deal with them in the woods. I want a listening ear, an understanding nod, and sympathetic hug when my tank of feelings gets full and I need to unload. So as my constant companion, Ben has been there for me and is learning what i need, and is helping me through these times. Several times this past month, I've just needed to share what's bothering me, and he just stops on the trail, turns around, tells me how sorry he is and gives me the hugest hug while telling me how proud he is of me. Wow!

It's refreshing when I do meet women who do understand, and they've shown up at just the right times when I've needed the presence of a woman most. Raindrop during the Smokies, Ping while in Hot Springs, Sunny from Elmer's Sunnybank Inn, Toodles in Kimberling Creek and Pat from Waynesboro are the names of some women out here who were there when I needed them most. And it's the feeling of connection and kinship I shared with them that I take with me up the trail.

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  1. It was great meeting you guys on the trail. We are at the ATC in Harper's Ferry looking forward to seeing our friend Steve's folks as they arrive in an hour or so. Thanks again for the kind words and encouragement to push on towards Katahdin. We hope D.C. was refreshing and enjoyable!
    -Bandanna Ben + Warpzilla