Friday, July 27, 2007

Update - Vernon, NJ (Mile 1342.5)

New Jersey Ridge Views

This morning we made quick work of the beautiful boarwalk into Vernon, NJ. This part of the trail used to be a road walk, but several years ago the 2.2 miles of boardwalk were constructed and now the trail heads straight through beautiful New Jersey wetlands.

The Real New Jersey Boardwalk

Figgy's Mom and Nan drove up a few hours from southern New Jersey to spend the afternoon with us. We shopped for three weeks of resupply, sorted everything in Dunkin' Donuts and then packaged the boxes on the lawn of the Episcopal Church.

Resupply with Mom and Nan

In the evening the four of us went out for a great dinner and shared stories from the trail as well as Lynda's recent trip to Romania. We wanted to give a special shout out to Figgy's Nan who has been following our adventure closely through printouts from Figgy's Dad. Recently when Lynda and Clyde were out of the country Nan went to the library on her own and got "inline" to read our stories on the computer for herself. Thanks Nan!

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