Sunday, July 1, 2007

A Reason To Celebrate

(Phone Message Transcribed by Bethany)

Blackrock Cliffs in Shenandoah

It is Friday, June 29th a little before 9:00 in the morning. Lauren and I have just crossed the 900 mile mark! We are at the Lewis Mountain Camp Ground store in Shenandoah National Park right now. The last couple of days we have had big rains and thunderstorms as we have been crisscrossing back and forth along Sky Line Drive. Sky Line Drive actually intersects the AT 28 times through this stretch in the park. So, for much of this we are close to the road or within ear shot of it.

Sunset through the Chestnut Oaks

We’ve had a ridiculous amount of bear sightings these past couple of days as well. Yesterday, we saw 7 including: a mother bear and 3 cubs, and another mother bear with one cub. It was really neat to watch the mothers interact with their cubs. At one point the mom sensed us coming and she snapped her jaw three times and sent the cubs running for a tree. All of the sightings except for one have been off trail by at least 100 feet so we have given the bears their space but have certainly enjoyed the spectacle.

Tonight we are going to celebrate our 900 mile accomplishment by going to a white tablecloth restaurant at Sky Land. We’re looking forward to celebrating with some good food and a bottle of red wine. We’ll be a couple of dirty hikers among a crowd of the upscale, I guess! Anyway, we have a few more days of the park and we’re getting very close to the northern border of Virginia and we’re still having a good time!

Over and Out.

Fine Dining at Skyland Lodge

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  1. i love reading your updates. I just wanted to say hi. it was great to see you guys when you passed through here. enjoy the fourth of july as you pass out of virginia!